Thursday, May 19, 2016

Deep In The Heart of Texas

Country music. 5 bottles of wine. Livestock. Cowboys (and girls).

I have finally fallen in love with Texas.  No, I'll never give up my Jersey roots, but there is something about Texas that makes me never want to leave.

Maybe its the big hair and open land.  Maybe it's the way people say y'all instead of you guys.  Or the BBQ and hospitality.. all i know is it took 2.5 years in Texas and a lot of convincing for me to buy some boots and settle in.  I can count the number of times I've worn them; each time more memorable than the last.

Boot shopping was quite an experience.  Two friends, a Cavender's employee and one hour was all it took for me to find my perfect pair.  They are definitely not the easiest to walk in and take some time to break in, but I highly recommend buying a pair.  The boots I bought are Corral and you can buy them here.

Have a good weekend everyone!



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