Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hello Seattle!! : Part 1

My brother Alex and I

Fremont Troll
Pike Place Market
Gum Wall @ Pike Place Market

Shirt: Forever 21 ( similar )  | Jeans: American Eagle ( similar
Bag: Adolfo Dominguez ( similar ) | Shoes: Steve Madden ( similar
Lipstick: Mac, Flat Out Fabulous ( here ) | Rings: Mango ( here
Nail Polish: Tom Ford, Ginger Fire ( here )

Seattle is such a beautiful city.  My favorite part about it is its proximity and connection to the nature that surrounds it.  As your driving down 5, you can see the moss and other greenery hanging off the concrete and looming over the highway - it is absolutely gorgeous.   

We went to Pike Place Market just to check out the gum wall.  The gum wall is as gross as it is fascinating and remarkable.  Of course we had to join in and stick a piece of gum on the wall - for memories sake. 

Prepping outfits for Seattle was a hassle in itself since I was unsure what the weather would be life.  Convinced that I was going to be cold, I packed some of my winter clothes, which in the end was the right decision.  It was not easy going from 100 degree Dallas to 60/70 degree Seattle. 

I paired my favorite green flannel with ripped jeans for a relaxed look. I tied the look together with combat boots and bright lipstick and nails for a subtle contrast.  

If you've been to Seattle, tell me about your experience! 

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