Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bonjour Paris!



Paris truly is for lovers.  Lovers of romance, art, architecture and fashion. I was awe- struck when I first arrived to Paris. The laid back locals and the effortless fashion was unimaginable.

If I wasn't so consumed with the culture, I would have taken more pictures. But, it was incredible. I attended some random Samba party with a bunch of brazilians in the middle of Paris (def not something I was expecting).  I also met a DJ and his friends who introduced to music that I never knew I needed until now.

Tip: once again... it's all about the shoes.  Paris is so large and the subway system is extensive.  If you're planning on doing as much sight-seeing as I did you will want shoes that won't create blisters on your feet, but also look stylish and effortless (think cute flats or sandals in spring, boots in fall).

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